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Contact Information

Contact Information

Phone: (641) 472-2000
Ticket Office: (641) 472-2787
Fax: (641) 472-7890
Fairfield Arts and Convention Center
200 North Main St
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

Hours of Operation:
Administrative hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Center is closed on holidays.

Ticket Office Hours:
Noon - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, and open two hours prior to all performances. Tickets available online at all times by selecting the event. Click here to view all events.


Executive Director
Rustin Lippincott, (641) 472-2000 x 102 | 641-233-8500 (c)

Assistant Director
Amanda Congdon, 641-472-2000 x 101 | 641-233-7824 (c)

Event Manager
For inquiries about booking your event, please contact Rustin.

Development & Marketing Manager
Kadie Dennison, 641-472-2000 x 104

Technical Services Director

Brian MacQueen, 641-472-2000 x 111

Audio Engineer
Anthony Scholl, 641-472-2000 x 111

Lighting Designer
Jesse James, 641-472-2000 x 111

Ticket Office & Volunteer Manager

Torie Hollingsworth, 641-472-2000 x 101

Ticket Office Staff
Francesca Greco

Event Staff
Jason Deprey

Beverage Sales
Alex Kurzen


Becky Oliver
Norma Van Camp

Photographer & Video Producer
Werner Elmker, 641-472-4131

Fairfield Arts & Convention Center Board of Directors

Mark Cohen - Chairman

Vicki Alexander-Herriott

Connie Boyer

Sally Denney

Jean Greco

Tracy Hammes

Tammy Jones

Suzan Kessel - Ex Officio

Jared Lyle

Judy Miller

Ken Norton

Amy Sparby

Bob Wiegert

Aron Yedersberg

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