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Iowa Art Quilters Exhibit at FAA

Iowa Art Quilters Exhibit at FAA

The Fairfield Art Association opens its new exhibit "Iowa Art Quilters" with a reception on Friday, October 2, from 6-8 PM. The display of 31 individual art works and one multi artists Crazy Quilt, will be in the Main Gallery at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. Visitors to the show will also be able to participate in or just view a "Soy Wax Resist" process in the FAA Art Studio this evening from 7-9 PM, by two of the artists in the exhibit. This is the same evening as the Northside Stripper's Quilt Show in the expo hall.
Iowa Art Quilters displaying in the exhibit include: Linda Knierim, Janet Bergeron, Judy Kash, Jane Knapp, Barbara Riggs, Jean Taft, Carol Trumbull, Rebecca Loew, Sal Miller, Wendy Read, Susan McIntyre, Judy Ludwick, Patricia Weber, Sue Kluber, and Rebecca Kemble with individual entries. The above have helped to create the "Artistic Crazy Quilt", along with artists Denette Stoll, Michelle Devine, Ilene Bartos, Lois Sheriff, Janet Pittman, Marie Comerfort Munyon, and Karen Harris. Many of the art quilts are for sale and this exhibit will remain on display through the end of November in the Main Gallery
The Iowa Art Quilters began meeting in 2007 in Grinnell to encourage and support one another in making art quilts. A simple definition of an art quilt is "a quilt you hang on a wall" instead of a quilt you lay on a bed. Art quilts are typically considered to be decorative, rather than functional. Artists often use a variety of fabrics, threads, and embellishments, such as beads, sequins, buttons, metal, wood, and other materials in their creations. Surface design, i.e., altering the fabric itself, is a common feature. One might add or remove color using dye, paint, or bleach with brushes, stamps, or stencils; "damage" cloth selectively with fire or rust; or, less drastically, change the texture by folding, scrunching, or gathering the cloth.
Art quilts may be abstract or representational, portraying faces, everyday objects, or landscapes, or they may illustrate something intangible. Traditional quilt blocks may be modified by exaggerating a shape or altering color choices. Art quilts are designed and constructed by the artist, and are original.
There are approximately 30 active members, most of whom live in central and southeast Iowa. At the monthly meetings members gather to teach and learn new techniques and to share ideas for projects. Some members have formal art education and experience; some come from a background of sewing and quilting. Some are business women who market their work (patterns, cloth, completed pieces) or receive commissions for art work; some are hobbyists who make art for the pleasure of creating. Several have won regional and national acclaim. The group is open to anyone interested in art quilting.

To participate in the "Soy Wax Resist" session, you can register ahead by email to Only six participants will be taken per session. This class will take place three times in the FAA Studio at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, on Friday & Saturday, October 2 and 3. The two hour long sessions will be on Friday at 1:30 - 3:30 PM and again from 7-9 PM, repeating on Saturday at 10 AM - noon. Experienced textile artists, Wendy Read from Fairfield and Jane Knapp from Cedar Rapids, will be instructing.
A fee of $30 per session will cover all the materials. In describing the workshop, Jane Knapp says " We will be using soy wax resist and tools for stamping, drawing, and brushing the hot wax onto two pieces of high thread-count bleached muslin. Fabric paint with Versatex "No Heat" Fixative will be used to paint the fabric not covered with wax.  All materials (wax, tools, fabric, and paint) will be provided.  Bring a full apron to protect your clothing."

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