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A Message from Rustin Lippincott

Executive Director, Fairfield Arts & Convention Center
Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts

A Message from Rustin Lippincott

The Sondheim stage is set for the best season ever at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. On behalf of the Center's team, thank you for the opportunity to serve you as we present the 2016-17 Artist Series: Living it Live at the Sondheim!

This season is about the thrill of the live performance - living it live. We're bringing you some of America's favorite performances along with international sensations from Russia, Austria, India, and more. This season is going to be epic…great variety and recognizable shows.

Experience eight Broadway style national touring shows and three Grammy award-winning country music icons, exhilarating dance performances; acrobatic feats that will leave you in awe - live on the Sondheim stage! 

It's about celebrating YOUR CENTER, which has been an integral part of southeast Iowa since 2007 enhancing the quality of life and contributing to the economic vitality of our region through education, entertainment, events, and the performing arts.

In 2015 alone, there were 869 events held at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center that welcomed over 50,000 event attendees from more than 50 counties and 40 states. This translates to an economic impact for Fairfield and Jefferson County of over $3 million. As we continue to grow, we invite you to help continue making the Center the go-to place to experience performances and special events.

The Center is the place it is today due to the dedicated employees and Board of Directors. The Center will continue to be the place for years to come due to our members. As a non-profit organization, our Center, just like other civic centers and performing arts venues, relies on financial support in addition to operating revenues. This is precisely why we created our membership program and why your support as members is critical to the future of the Center.

We are grateful for your support through purchasing tickets and keeping the Sondheim sold out on many occasions. Ticket purchases only cover 60% of the total cost of the performances; for us to continue to offer affordable ticket prices for everyone to enjoy, now is the time we need you to increase our membership program. We need to have more people become members of your Center.

You've helped the Arts & Convention Center deepen its place in our community, the place where friends meet and are made. Our collective momentum is built through the enjoyment of local performances, national touring performances, wedding ceremonies, receptions, reunions and the like, coming together as we realize dreams do come true. Please continue to keep the dream alive and support your Center.

Whether you have your favorite seat in the Sondheim or you have yet to witness the excitement, we are poised to welcome you to the Artist Series: Living it Live at the Sondheim.

The curtain is open - here's to experiences that will entertain, amaze and inspire you!

Rustin Lippincott
Executive Director

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