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A Message from Rustin Lippincott

Executive Director, Fairfield Arts & Convention Center
Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts

A Message from Rustin Lippincott
Raise your glass….you deserve a toast of epic proportions from the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. It was 10 years ago we opened our doors to a world of possibility. That possibility has become a reality due to your support and trust. Let's toast to the first 10 years celebrate the moments that have enriched, inspired and entertained more than half a million people.

This season is fitting for the Center's 10 year celebration. The Sondheim Artist Series: Cheers to 10 Years is packed with hit after hit, Broadway national touring hit musicals, Grammy-winning country music and rock-n-roll icons, tributes to pop legends, performances from around the globe that will captivate and inspire, and music that provides the soundtrack of our lives.

I've heard that time flies when you're having fun and it's been fun. It seems like last week we had our first national touring Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof and 15 more like Adams Family and Annie.

Orchestras, symphonies and choirs, we've had them…Glenn Miller, Voca People, Vienna Boys Choir, 18 country music icons, 139 combined #1 hits…Joe Diffie & Teri Clark to Blackhawk & Lori Morgan. Nostalgic tribute shows, check that box, Fab Four and Abba Mania and 17 others.  

Shows for kids and shows for families, those you couldn't believe and those that were unbelievable. Illusionists walked through fans and music that made us fans. We've traveled the world in our Sondheim seat, witnessed 17 countries on display, Irish music, Russian ballets, Indian Bollywood and feats of skill from China; Clifford, Flat Stanley and the Berenstain Bears, the kids would say came to life and their faces would say, their dreams came alive.

The next 10 years will be as memorable and bright as the lights that have shined on our performing Community Theater friends, youngsters in summer camp and dancers and singers. From brides, anniversaries and benefits, the Center has been many things to many people.

The future is promising due to the invaluable support the Center has received in the variety of ways…donors, volunteers, sponsors, patrons and employees. The investments and improvements, theater seating, event center carpet, enhanced amenities and equipment, with more in the coming days, will improve your experience and position your Center to impact more lives and future generations. The need for support will continue into the future, but so will the thrill of live performances, friendships, smiles and memories.  

On behalf of the more half a million people that have walked through our doors, thank you for helping the Center become what it as today. The stage is set for the next half a million people to walk through the doors for Tony award musicals and Grammy artists, to build on the 80 wedding receptions and 5000 events that happened at your Center. The stage is set for your support and commitment to propel the Center through the next decade.

Speaking of the stage, let's toast to the first 10 years, to the moments we shared, friends we made and experiences that are ahead. Let the curtain open… it's show time. Time to create memories together.

Rustin Lippincott
Executive Director
Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

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