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Scheduling during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Scheduling during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Friend of the Center,

The FACC Board of Directors is continually monitoring the ever changing landscape of COVID-19 risks, as well as the guidance coming from the CDC and the Iowa Department of Public Health. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our patrons, staff, and community. Therefore it is with both heavy hearts and great love that we continue to limit our services in order to mitigate the risks to all those who depend on the FACC. It is the decision ofthe Board to limit our engagements to events the CDC recognizes as low-risk.This currently excludes events with large numbers of guests where social distancing is difficult to enforce, and especially those where guests are coming from different counties or states. At this time, it is the policy of the Board not to host any weddings, large conferences, vendor fairs, or other gatherings of more than 25 individuals.

The Board fully recognizes the inconvenience and disappointment this policy will cause to our current venue rental clients and friends, and it is with deep regret that we implement such protocol. However, the value we place on the health and safety of those we serve overrides all other concerns. We look forward to restoring the Center to its full and intended use in the future, and in the meantime beg your patience and understanding as we work to love our community wisely and responsibly

Be safe and be well.

Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Board of Directors and Staff

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