Unelectable You

The Second City's Completely Unbiased Political Revue

2016-17 Artist Series - Living it Live at the Sondheim

Ticket Information

ZONE 1 - $39
ZONE 2 - $33
ZONE 3 - $22
ZONE 4 - $15
YOUTH - $15

This is the political revue to "Trump" them all.
The Second City partners with Slate magazine to combine improv with up-to-the-minute scripts to skewer candidates of both parties. Whether you wear red or blue, UNELECTABLE YOU will have you rolling in the aisle at the campaign trail humor our candidates have so generously supplied. Find reprieve from the political madness with this hilarious political parody.
In this new era of viral gaffes and social-media campaigning, of rebels preaching to the disenchanted on both sides of the aisle, who even knows what makes a presidential candidate electable anymore? Join Slate and The Second City as we try to figure it out, in an evening of comedy, insight and topical musings that we're calling Unelectable You.
Through sketch comedy, improvisation and a whole lot of audience interaction, the satirical muscle of Second City will harness the often contrarian and cutting edge voice of Slate to take aim at the election, the candidates, the spin, and even Slate itself. The result is a thoughtful, funny and completely self-aware evening that's purely Second City, and purely Slate.

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