A Piano Musical Journey

2017-18 Fairfield Concert Association Season

Sondheim Theater

Ticket Information

Fairfield Concert Association Members | Admission with proof of membership
Non-members | $20 General Admission

A fresh, new approach to a classical piano concert, "A Musical Journey" was conceived as an entertaining musical event with the purpose of winning new audiences to classical music. Like a tour guide, MARTIN SODERBERG engages his audience throughout the "Journey," pointing out the wonders of each piece, inviting the "travelers" past the barrier of notes, into a deeper, more meaningful and satisfying listening experience. "A Musical Journey" is an entertaining, educating and thrilling ride that keeps the listener on edge throughout the trip.

The word "Journey" is used at different levels. First, each musical composition is a journey from the first to the last note. The audience will take this part of the Journey with Martin guiding the audience through each piece. Second, the entire recital is a trip from the first piece to the last, traveling from composer to composer, country to country, period to period. Traveling together through this part of the journey, Martin creates the musical thread that holds it all together. Ultimately, this leads to a more personal, deeper, inner "Musical Journey" that each audience member takes through his/her own enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of the music.

In Martin Soderberg's "Musical Journey", the audience is invited to take on an active role. Each piano piece is introduced with a 2-3 minute commentary, including, a brief composer's biography, an explanation of the piano work, and a specific assignment or focus point for the audience.

The "Musical Journey", which in this context replaces the word Recital, can include prizes, raffles, a musical quiz to be taken at the end, as well as a Q & A with Martin Soderberg.

FAIRFIELD CONCERT ASSOCIATION members are admitted with proof of membership; no ticket is required from the Ticket Office. Tickets are required for all non-members.