Frank Loesser's Musical "The Most Happy Fella"

Fairfield Area Community Theatre

Sondheim Theater

Ticket Information

Adults | $10
Students | $5

From the composer of Guys and Dolls comes this touching, dramatic and intensely personal love story. Your heart will be warmed by this May-to-December romance, when a city bride is wooed by an aging Italian grape farmer who nearly botches everything...until his true goodness shines through. With a gorgeous score and spirited dancing, it's a simple and touching love story that makes for an extraordinary night of theatre.

Tony, a middle aged vintner makes a mail order marriage proposal, which is accepted under the girl's mistaken assumption that a photo of his young, handsome foreman is her intended husband. Her hurt and humiliation when she learns the truth, as well as a terrible accident that nearly kills Tony as he hurries to meet her, almost ends the relationship before it begins, but a loving understanding blossoms between them during Tony's long convalescence.

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