Factory Farms Are Creating Superbugs

How We Can Protect Our Lifesaving Antibiotics - and Ourselves

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Antibiotics, the miracledrug that saves countless lives, are in serious jeopardy. The vast majority ofantibiotics - 70% according to the FDA - are used in agriculture, primarily infactory farms. Industrial livestock production depends on low-dose usage of thesedrugs to prevent disease in closely confined livestock. But this practice isgenerating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, contributing to a growing public healththreat.


Dr. Lance Price, a renowned microbiologist working on the forefront of thiscritical issue, will speak on the factory farm/superbug connection during thisyear's JFAN Annual Meeting.


Price co-authored agroundbreaking 2012 study confirming the link between livestock-associated MRSA(Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and industrial porkproduction. He will share how resistance occurs, how CAFOs contribute to theproblem, and what must be done to protect lifesaving antibiotics. Have yourquestions answered by Price following his talk.


Joining Price will be LoisDovico, Owner of Dovico Gardens and Greenhouse in Batavia, Iowa, whoshare her story about contracting a serious bacterial infection from well watercontaminated with CAFO manure.


Dr. Lance Price is aProfessor in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department at the GeorgeWashington University Milken Institute of Public Health. He is the Founder andDirector of the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center at GWU, through which Priceengages with nongovernment organizations and policy makers to developscience-based policies to reduce antibiotic use in people and in livestock. Hisresearch has been published in top peer-reviewed journals and covered in mediaoutlets around the world and testified on Capitol Hill in 2014 about reining inthe use of antibiotics in agriculture.


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