Drew Hastings: Comedian, Farmer, Mayor...not necessarily in that order

'Bob & Tom Show' regular brings cutting-edge political humor & farm jokes

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While the political debates continue in Washington, D.C., there's a Republican mayor in Ohio with a political platform and a comedic stand-up routine that rivals the jokes happening at the capitol. It's what you would expect from a comedian, farmer & mayor.

Meet the mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio, DREW HASTINGS. The 6-foot 6-inch Columbus, Ohio, native also is a farmer, raising Angus and Hereford calves on his 35-acre Springhill Farm east of Cincinnati.

In 2011 he won the Republican mayoral primary on a platform that included hay art, saying it would increase tourism and jobs. He calls his concept "agri-tainment."

He was reelected in 2016 as mayor, and was charged with election falsification and other violations stemming from alleged misuse of city trash bins. Two additional felony convictions were tossed out by the judge when Mayor Hastings was acquitted of all charges.

You can't make this stuff up. Hastings has the real life material for an hilarious show.

**Contains adult language and situations**


Hastings's commanding presence onstage immediately stamps his trademark comedy that is both hilarious and self-deprecating, including observations of the human condition and the declining state of American society. His status as an unlikely farmer has been enhanced by his vast new following of farm and ag-oriented audiences. He is a regular favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio show, numerous  which has given him a huge Midwest following.

Show goers can expect cutting-edge humor splattered with a lot of farm jokes, cow jokes, political jokes and possibly blush inducing language, with plenty of material from his last album, "Farmageddon."


A veteran comedian & storyteller for more than twenty-five years, Drew is known as an edgy, intelligent performer in venues across America.
His commanding onstage presence puts forth material that is both hilarious and self-deprecating, including observations of the human condition and the declining state of American society. Drew's comedy specials, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and his status as an all-time favorite on the syndicated Bob & Tom radio show have given him a wide following.

Elected in 2012, Drew gave this simple reason for running: "I think this Country is going to Hell in a hand basket - I'm not sure we even make our own handbaskets here anymore." I can't do anything about the whole U.S. but I can do something about the one place I live." He won in a landslide, has turned the city around financially and works hard on small-city issues. Drew, now in his second term, which he won by wide margin, has been outspoken, politically incorrect and passionate about economic development.

In 2006, Drew Hastings left Hollywood after 13 years there. Wanting to jumpstart his creativity and go somewhere completely foreign to him, he opted to go rural and try his hand at farming. At age 50. When asked if it was culture shock moving from Los Angeles to rural Ohio, Drew replied, "You assume that there's actually culture in L.A?"

Clad in a tailored black suit and trademark black horn-rimmed glasses, Hastings is a commanding presence onstage as he launches into a study of the human condition that is both hilarious and self-deprecating. Though his angst can be easily sensed, he is obviously at home onstage.

Raised in Ohio by a British mother, Drew brings to every performance a down-to-earth Mid-western sensibility tempered - or, rather, contradicted with typical British aloofness and condescension.

Drew moved from Ohio to Los Angeles in the early 1990's, where he was quickly noticed by the entertainment industry. His acting talent landed him a number of guest-starring roles and he has done television pilots for some of the big networks including Fox, NBC, and HBO. He has also made many stand-up appearances on television and is one of a very elite group of comedians to have received a standing ovation on "The Tonight Show."

His storied and colorful life has been the subject of three different one-person shows, "Commencement Speech", "Life & Other Short Stories" and "The Business of Living", a satire of the success/motivational industry. His character from that show, Jack Freeman, found an immediate cult following in Los Angeles, and in 2001 caught the attention of the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show, where the hilarious Freeman was introduced to a much wider national audience. Drew's initial appearances on the Bob and Tom Show were so well received that he soon became a regular guest, regaling listeners with his stories, questioning his life and everyone else's, and giving his comedic opinions on just about any topic that comes up. Drew spends much of his time headlining with "The Friends of the Bob and Tom Show" which has played over 70 cities thus far.

"The Bob and Tom Show has been a perfect outlet for me," says Drew. "I tend to have a no-nonsense Mid-western attitude and their show is a Midwest-based show with a huge National reach." He adds, "Hollywood has never figured out what to do with me, so I'm just doing it myself."

When he's not touring he can be found on his farm in Ohio.


Opening for Drew Hastings is Chris Spryer.

Comedian Chris Speyrer started comedy fresh out of college in January of 1989. Equipped with a BA in English, he thought the public speaking experience would enhance his resume. After a few months of open mics, Chris started getting paid for performing and the job search was going nowhere, the dye was cast to roam the nation with his unique humor. He has gone on to perform in 39 states including: Depression, Confusion and West Virginia.

Speyrer's sarcastic irreverence has entertained crowds from Atlanta, GA to Zanesville, OH. Speyrer has appeared on The Comedy Channel's Access America and a couple times on The Bob & Tom Show. He has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy, including Costaki Economopoulos, Dave Chappelle, Ron White, Elaine Boosler, Jake Johanssen, Heywood Banks. Drew Hastings, Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry The Cable Guy, Rodney Carrington and Jeff Dunham.

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