Alice in Wonderland

Fairfield Art of Dance presents

Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts

Ticket Information

$10.50 adults

$8.50 kids 11 yrs and under
*Children's tickets are only available at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Box Office

Fairfield Art of Dance is at it again with their amazing production of "Alice in Wonderland".    Follow Alice down the rabbit hole for a magnificently wild adventure in dance and theatrics that takes her on many twists and turns, until she finally meets the Jabberwocky and faces the task she is destined for.

This unbelievable performance is filled with some of your local favorites including adults and children from the Fairfield Art of Dance Studio and special guests, such as Elizabeth Kelley as the Red Queen,  Kimberly Miller as Alice, Jared Brown as the Mad Hatter,  Cheyenne Anderson as the White Queen, Tiffany Sanner as the Evil Knight, Hilary Jordan as an Evil Irish Black Bird, Michael Halley & Paul Stokstad as the Red Queen's Castle Guards, Shoan Dieter as one of the Red Army,  David J. Murphy as the Jabberwocky,  Maria Fleishman as the Cheshire Cat, Kirsi Bland and Cami Schaffer as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and many more with a complete cast of 58 students and dancers.
Don't miss this spectacular dance and theatrical production filled with awesome dancing, incredible scenery, and unique twists!!

*Children's tickets only be purchased at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Box Office

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